Step 2: Practice Quiz for Catholic History

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  1. Sandra R
    Sandra R says:

    This is such an AWESOME resource for me to know my faith, defend my faith, and bring others back to my Catholic faith, that I can’t wait to get started! We can’t really financially afford it with a one person income and 5 children, but it is so worth the sacrifice. We won’t go out to each much but instead feed our souls with the fullness of the truth. Thanks be to God for the NSTI and what you are doing for the Kingdom of God!

  2. Edward B
    Edward B says:

    I am a little confused here: it says I’ve completed 2 out of 3 units but it seems I’ve done it all.
    No matter, I’ll get it soon. I started to watch modules and showed them complete when I should take a full week in between them and read the material. The material to read is long, so I will pick one or two book assignments and move on to next week …..I have some of the assigned books ( I’m a fan of the Early Fathers so it is happy time.)
    All is good.

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