What is the New Saint Thomas Institute (NSTI)?

The New Saint Thomas Institute is an innovative Member community over 1,000 Members for those who passionately desire to become better defenders of the Catholic Faith through study of philosophy and theology.

What does your Latin motto Non Alligabis Os Bovis’ mean?

Our Latin motto comes from the Vulgate version of 1 Cor 9:9: Non alligabis os bovis. In English it means “Thou shalt not muzzle an ox.” Our patron saint Thomas Aquinas was known as the “Dumb Ox” because he was large, powerful, impressive, and quiet.

Our motto communicates our conviction: “Let Saint Thomas Aquinas speak to our age! Don’t muzzle his wisdom!”

Why should I join the New Saint Thomas Institute?

The New Saint Thomas Institute provides you four benefits:

1) You will be able to earn a Certificate of Mastery in Theology (52 week program will be announced in 2014)

2) You will grow in your faith in Christ

3) You will become better evangelist and defender of the Faith

4) You will be part of something bigger than yourself and have access to our private Member Forum

Does the New Saint Thomas Institute take a lot time?

No. You study at your own pace. There are no deadlines or required exams or papers.

Is the New Saint Thomas Institute easy? I’m not a scholar!

Don’t worry. Dr. Taylor Marshall makes everything easy to understand and provides his notes to everyone. You also have access to him and others so that you can get clarification on important questions.

What’s the ideal internet connection/speed for NSTI Members?

We recommend at least 15 Mbps, which is now industry standard in most places. For example, Verizon offers 15Mbps as the lower standard.

Can I watch the NSTI on my HDTV?

Yes, some of our Members do watch lessons on their HDTV using Google’s Chromecast. You install the Chromecast extension to the Chrome internet browser and it send a signal to the Chromecast to open the page on your TV through the HDMI dongle.

Is the New Saint Thomas Institute accredited or recognized by the US Department of Education?

No! And we don’t want to be accredited or recognized by the US Department of Education for three reasons:

1) Accreditation is usually sought so that federal loans can be granted for tuition assistance. But our tuition is already so low. We don’t need federal assistance. Caesar can keep his money.

2) Accreditation for Catholic education institutions usually requires observation and visitation by non-Catholic accreditation officers who evaluate the faculty, library, and curriculum. We don’t feel the need to seek a stamp of approval from those who don’t recognize our educational goals. For example, accreditation officers would require us to set learning time limits and enforce exams and term papers. That’s not our style.

3) Accreditation is expensive and time intensive. Those expenses get passed on to the students, and that’s not fair. Every college administrator will tell you that accreditation is the worst part of what they do. We feel that the process is pure bureaucracy. It’s a waste of our time and a waste of your time.

What does it mean to “be a Member” of the New Saint Thomas Institute?

As a Member you have access to the classes, resources, videos, and forum offered by the New Saint Thomas Institute.

Is the New Saint Thomas Institute for everybody?

Honestly, we’re not for everyone. We are an online community committed to Christ and the magisterium of the Catholic Church. We believe the Bible is the Word of God and we draw wisdom from the Church Fathers. We believe that Saint Thomas Aquinas is the medicine for the Church in our day.

How does billing work for tuition? What if I forget? Will I lose my Membership?

For our Member’s convenience all payments are automatic. If your credit card fails (lack of funds, card expired, or changed billing address), you will receive an automatically generated notice giving you 7 days to update your billing information. After 7 days, your membership is cancelled.

I need to change my credit card or billing information?

When inside the site, please go to “My Account” and click on it. It will allow you to securely update your credit card information and billing address. Oh, and share with us your most recent shipping address, too. We want to send you some free stuff in the mail!

If I am a Charter Member and I cancel my membership, can I get it back later?

Unfortunately, no. When you cancel your Membership and you want to rejoin later, you must rejoin under the then-current terms and tuition. So if tuition goes up, bonuses change, or offers are modified in the future, you would rejoin at the currently available membership level and higher tuition rate.

However, if you sign up again, you will be able to return with your original email.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes. We have 21 day guarantee. Become a Member and and join our community. If you sign up and don’t like it, you can get a full refund in the first 21 days. Literally, you have nothing to lose. Later on, you can quit your Membership. However, if you want to rejoin later, you cannot regain your old Membership status and tuition rate.

Do you offer scholarships?

We consider all of our Members as “on scholarship.” That’s how we like to keep it. We value our courses at $1,000 per month. By offering them at only $47 per month, we see all Members as “on scholarship.” We do not offer any discounts lower that the advertised tuition.

Can a married couple share a Membership?

Yes. However, when we begin offering Certificates of Mastery, only one diploma can be earned and issued per Membership.

Can groups of people share a Membership?

We have made tuition so low already. A group using one Membership would be gaming the system. We kindly ask that each person obtain his or her own Membership.

Do you offer tech support?

Yes. We offer tech support. If you have a problem (lost your password? can’t watch a video?), we’ll help you out right away. Please visit our NSTI Support Desk.

Who makes all these great videos?

Dr. Taylor Marshall works with a professional producer and videographers to make these video courses.

Do you have a patron saint?

The patron saint of the New Saint Thomas Institute is none other than Saint Thomas Aquinas. We also consecrated the Institute to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and honor her under her title “Seat of Wisdom.”

Does the New Saint Thomas Institute have a Mascot?

Yes. Allow us to introduce you to Tommy the Muskox! Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute are the “Mighty Mighty Muskoxen!” We don’t have a football team…yet.

Muskox logo for t shirt

None of these FAQs answers my question. I still need help.

We’re here to help you. Please visit our NSTI Support Desk.