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A Complete Journey Through Catholic Theology

You don’t have to study at a private university.

We’ve boiled down the big topics into video modules. They’re intellectual and engaging, the way theology should be.


How to explain the Immaculate Conception, Mediatrix and more.
Book of Revelation
Know the orthodox Catholic teaching on end-time prophecies.
Sacramental Theology
Love the sacraments and help your family and friends return to them.
Eucharistic Theology
Go to Mass with deeper insights into the Real Presence.
Catholic Apologetics
Be proud of the way you can handle the tough questions.
Answering Protestants
Show them where to find Catholic teachings in the Bible.
Understand Aquinas in a fraction of the time.
Historical Miracles
Defend the true stories against skeptics.
How to Pray in Latin
Learn to speak in the Church’s official language.
Human Salvation
Confidently respond when Protestants ask “Are you saved?”
Answer any challenge about Jesus’ life and resurrection.

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Always be prepared to make a defense to everyone who asks for a reason for the hope that is within you.”
1 Peter 3:15


Dr. Taylor Marshall

Dr. Marshall was a former Protestant minister until he studied Catholicism, which led to his conversion. Now he’s a Catholic professor, lecturer, and scholar of St. Thomas Aquinas and orthodox Catholic education. He’s written eleven books, created over 2,000 videos and written numerous articles.

Dr. Marshall and his colleagues launched the New Saint Thomas Institute in 2013 to bring the Catholic theological tradition to faithful Catholics in the pews.

He lives in Texas with his wife and eight children.


“I get more out of the New Saint Thomas Institute’s materials than the other more expensive University program.”

Rachel, Marketing consultant

“Allows me to go deeper in my knowledge of philosophy and theology without having to go back to school to pursue an advanced degree.”

Adam Anderly, Business owner, father of four

“If I can understand Saint Thomas Aquinas and the Summa Theologica (well..I’m learning), then Taylor Marshall is one fantastic professor.”

Terry Fenwick, Catholic grandmother

“Thank you for popularizing St. Thomas and being an advocate for sound theology online.”

Fr. Brad Elliott, Dominican priest

“Best decision I could have made to help my faith. Well done.”

J. Griffith, Practicing Catholic


A Decade of Excellence

Catholics have been learning from The New Saint Thomas Institute for 10 years now! We’re proud of our members’ accomplishments, and excited for new content in the works for you.



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For self-learners who just want to cover the basics.


$564/year, billed monthly
  • HD video theology lessons.

  • Access to private community forums.

  • Ability to download audio on phone and tablet for on-the-go learning.



Our most popular plan. Great for people who want continuing education.

$100 $57/month

$1200 $684/year, billed monthly

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • + Nine theological certificate programs, including Theology, Philosophy and Church History.

  • + “Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages” eBook.

  • + Exclusive talks on St. Joseph, the Rosary, and masculinity for download.



For students looking to connect more one-on-one with Dr. Marshall.


*$1170/year, billed annually

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • + Signed copies of Dr. Marshall’s books.

  • + Phone access to Dr. Marshall.

  • + Priority Q&A in our student podcast.

  • + Exclusive NSTI merch.



For self-learners who just want to cover the basics.


$470/year, billed annually
  • HD video theology lessons.

  • Access to private community forums.

  • Ability to download audio on phone and tablet for on-the-go learning.



Our most popular plan. Great for people who want continuing education.

$90 $47.50/month

$1080 $570/year, billed annually

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • + Ten theological certificate programs, including Theology, Philosophy and Church History.

  • + “Thomas Aquinas in 50 pages” eBook.

  • + Exclusive talks on St. Joseph, the Rosary, and masculinity for download.



For students looking to connect more one-on-one with Dr. Marshall.


*$1170/year, billed annually

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • + Signed copies of Dr. Marshall’s books.

  • + Phone access to Dr. Marshall.

  • + Priority Q&A in our student podcast.

  • + Exclusive NSTI merch.


Dr. Taylor Marshall’s best-selling book
An eBook edition of “The Crucified Rabbi.”
Catholic Bible cheat sheet
A list of every Bible verse for every Catholic doctrine.
Online fellowship and support
Chat with members about Catholic topics you know and love.
Fulfill a corporal work of mercy
A portion of your tuition feeds the hungry and shelters orphans in China.
Three exclusive talks by Dr. Taylor Marshall
Lectures on the Rosary, Catholic masculinity, and St. Joseph.
A lesson in logical fallacies
See how to avoid common mistakes when learning theology.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every plan includes a 21-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% delighted with NSTI, contact us to get your refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

The New Saint Thomas Institute is an innovative Member community over 1,000 Members for those who passionately desire to become better defenders of the Catholic Faith through study of philosophy and theology. It provides training through HD video lessons, audio lessons, notes, recommended reading, and community support. If you want to go deeper in your faith, this is the place for you!

Singles and young professionals. If you’re eager to grow in your Catholic Faith as you discern a call to marriage, the priesthood or religious life, the NSTI hosts a community of young Catholics who want to go deeper in their knowledge of the Faith.

Parents. If you’re a busy mother or father who wants to learn theology in small, bite-sized lessons, the NSTI allows you to do that without exams, papers or deadlines.

Grandparents and retirees. If you’re discouraged as you watch your children or grandchildren leave the Catholic Church, brush up on your theology and learn how to defend the Catholic Faith while encouraging others in it!

Priests and religious. Join NSTI to get more theological training for your ministry and preaching, in a way that fits your crowded schedule.

We are glad that you asked! “Non Alligabis Os Bovis” is the Latin Vulgate version of Saint Paul’s words in 1 Cor 9:9: Non alligabis os bovis. In English, it translates, “Thou shalt not muzzle an ox.”

Our patron saint Thomas Aquinas was known as the “Dumb Ox” because he was large, powerful, impressive, and quiet.

Our motto communicates our conviction: “Let Saint Thomas Aquinas speak to our age! Don’t muzzle his wisdom!”

The New Saint Thomas Institute provides you four benefits:

1) You will be able to earn a Certificate of Mastery in Theology (not available to Basic Members)
2) You will grow in your faith in Christ
3) You will become better evangelist and defender of the Faith
4) You will be part of something bigger than yourself and have access to our private Member Forum

Don’t worry. Dr. Taylor Marshall makes everything easy to understand and provides his notes to everyone. You can ask questions and get clarification on important questions at any time. We answer questions in the Comments, Forums, and we even dedicate a podcast to difficult questions.

No. Member tuition is 98% lower than college tuition. The Institute was designed to be extremely affordable and inexpensive. We estimate our resources at $1,000 per month but our beginning tuition is only $47 per month. Everybody gets almost a full scholarship.

No. You study at your own pace. There are no deadlines or required exams or papers.
If you want to earn the optional Certificate in Theology, it takes 12 months. If you desire to earn the Certificate in Theology, we recommend that you get the Premium or Gold Membership and that you opt for the yearly tuition package. By doing so you get 2 months free. This gives you the most value for the least amount of tuition.

No. This is a monthly tuition rate that works like a monthly membership or subscription. On a monthly membership, you can cancel your membership at any time. We also offer a full twenty-one day full money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

This is a monthly tuition rate that works like a membership or subscription. However, you can save a considerable amount of money on your tuition rate if you pay tuition yearly rather than monthly.
In the tuition comparison chart at newsaintthomas.com, you can see that there is a monthly Membership option and a yearly Membership option for the levels. Currently we give you two whole months FREE for choosing the yearly Membership.

For our Member’s convenience all payments are automatic. If your credit card fails (lack of funds, card expired, or changed billing address), you will receive an automatically generated notice giving you 7 days to update your billing information. After 7 days, your membership is cancelled.

Absolutely. Our checkout is thoroughly encrypted and compliant with the strictest and latest PCI (“Payment Card Industry”) data security requirements. All subscriptions, billing information, and payments are processed through Stripe and are 100% secure. Stripe is a world leader in secure checkout and is certified to “PCI Service Provider Level 1”—the most stringent level of certification. You also have our promise that we will never share or sell your personal details or email address to a third party.

There are three Membership levels: Basic, Premium, and Gold. The higher levels have more content and access for those who want to go deeper. The Certificates can only be earned through the Premium and Gold Membership levels.

How generous of you! Many of our Members have asked if they can purchase a Membership for a parent, spouse, grown child, seminarian, deacon, or priest as a gift. We only need the email address of the person to whom you wish to give the Membership. In order to learn more about our gift option discounts, please send us an email directly to support@newsaintthomas.com.

Yes, we are so confident that you will love the New Saint Thomas Institute, that we offer a twenty-one day full money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the New Saint Thomas Institute at any point in your first twenty-one days, we will issue you a full tuition refund, no questions asked. If you cancel after twenty-one days, no refund will be issued.

We consider all of our Members as “on scholarship.” That’s how we like to keep it. We value our resources at $1,000 per month. By offering them Memberships starting at a low monthly price, we see all Members as “on scholarship.” We do not offer any discounts lower than the advertised tuition rates.

Your monthly Membership entitles you to enter the Members’ area and access the content there released during the duration of your Membership. Once you cancel or default on tuition in any way, you will lose all access to the content inside the New Saint Thomas Institute (past, present, or future) and your account details will be deleted from our system.

You can download the audio mp3 files, but you cannot download the video files. The videos are delivered in 1080 high-definition. It would be too expensive to allow over a thousand Members to download that much information month after month.

You may not share your login credentials with another person so that he or she might sample or use the Member content inside the New Saint Thomas Institute. We are able to detect simultaneous logins and suspicious login activity. Violators will have their Membership revoked and deleted.

Dr. Marshall makes two exceptions to our propriety privacy rule:

1) There is an exception for married couples and their children living at home. A husband and wife may share a single NSTI Membership; however, if they each wish to earn a Certificate in Theology, each spouse must have his or her own Membership. In other words, the person whose name is on the single account is the only one who may earn a Certificate.

2) There is an exception for canonically recognized Catholic religious houses of monks, friars, nuns, or sisters – so long as the number of participants is lower than twelve (12). If your religious house is larger than twelve, please send us an inquiry about your situation at support [AT] newsaintthomas [DOT] com

You may not violate intellectual property laws by reproducing in any way the proprietary content within the New Saint Thomas Institute. This includes reproducing or sharing content for friends or strangers, either for free or for a fee.

If you want to show or share video lessons to a small group, Bible study, conference, parish, or similar event, please contact us at support@newsaintthomas.com.

You can talk to Dr. Taylor Marshall on the phone with the Gold Member package.

The New Saint Thomas Institute provides powerful content but also a fun, energetic community for those who want to grow in their faith and love for Christ. In order to keep our community and conversations positive, we have a few rules:

1) You may disagree with other members. The scholastic tradition of our patron Saint Thomas Aquinas encourages debate and engagement. However, we ask that if you disagree with someone, please do so in a way that is kind and civil.

2) We reserve the right to delete your comments if you post something that is blasphemous, offensive, sacrilegious, off-topic, spammy, libelous, defamatory, harassing, threatening, pornographic, false, misleading, or which otherwise violates or encourages others to violate Dr. Marshall’s high standard of Christian engagement and civility.

3) You may not leave any images, comments, or hyperlinks that advertise, solicit, or otherwise promote goods and services.

4) You retain ownership of your comments. We do not own them and we expressly disclaim any and all liability that may result from them. By commenting on this site, you agree that you retain all ownership rights in what you post here and that you will relieve the New Saint Thomas Institute from any and all liability that may result from those postings.

5) You grant the New Saint Thomas Institute a license to post your comments. This license is worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and royalty-free. You grant the right to store, use, transmit, display, publish, reproduce, and distribute your comments in any format, including but not limited to a blog, in a book, a video, or presentation.

6) We believe that these rules make the New Saint Thomas Institute a safe community given to edifying conversations. Our theological environment is unique in that, unlike a lot of religious forums, we do not allow bullies or trolls.

If you are a Premium or Gold student member (the Certificate feature doesn’t apply to Basic members), you can earn all the Certificate Courses we offer. If you pass with 80% or more (don’t worry, we supply you with a full review and assistance), you receive your Certificate in any or all of our Certificate Courses.

We recommend at least 15 Mbps (15 megabytes per second), which is now the industry standard minimum in most places. For example, Verizon offers 15Mbps as their lowest standard.

Our system automatically senses your internet connection and adjusts the streaming rate accordingly. However, we cannot guarantee flawless streaming if you currently have a connection below industry standards (below 15 Mbps).

Although we do have many Members who use lower speed connections and even dial-up connections in foreign nations, we recommend at least 15 Mbps.

PS: If you currently have cable or fios connection and you are getting less than 15 Mbps, you are getting ripped off by your internet provider. Many of our Members have simply made a call and asked for a faster speed – and they get it for free since 15Mbps is assumed by all as the minimum acceptable service.

Yes, some of our Members do watch lessons on their HDTV using Google’s Chromecast. You install the Chromecast extension to the Chrome internet browser and it send a signal to the Chromecast to open the page on your TV through the HDMI dongle.

No, we do not want to be accredited or recognized by the US Department of Education for three reasons:

1) Accreditation is usually sought so that federal loans can be granted for tuition assistance. But our tuition is already so low. We don’t need federal assistance. Caesar can keep his money.

2) Accreditation for Catholic education institutions usually requires observation and visitation by non-Catholic accreditation officers who evaluate the faculty, library, and curriculum. We don’t feel the need to seek a stamp of approval from those who don’t recognize our educational goals. For example, accreditation officers would require us to set learning time limits and enforce exams and term papers. That’s not our style.

3) Accreditation is expensive and time intensive. Those expenses get passed on to the students, and that’s not fair. Every college administrator will tell you that accreditation is the worst part of what they do. We feel that the process is pure bureaucracy. It’s a waste of our time and a waste of your time.

Yes. Allow us to introduce you to Tommy the Muskox! Members of the New Saint Thomas Institute are the “Mighty Mighty Muskoxen!”

We don’t have a football team…yet.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us a question. You can email us directly at support [AT] newsaintthomas [DOT] com.


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