Second Half Of Audio On The Book Of Revelation

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  1. Erik N
    Erik N says:

    Offer that Mary is the archetype of the faithful remnant of Israel, symbolized by the Virtuous Woman, who gives birth to a child, symbolizing the early Church, whose archetype is Christ (Rev 12)

    and that empress Poppaea Sabina (or perhaps Berenice?) was the archetype of unfaithful Israel, symbolized by the Adulterous Woman (Rev 17)

    If so, then Rev was received circa 65 AD, after Nero’s persecution of Christians began but before empress Poppaea Sabina was slain by Nero


    all references to “eagles” (Rev 8:13, Rev 12, Matt 24:28 = Luke 17:37) symbolize Roman legions with their eagle standards ???

  2. Timothy T
    Timothy T says:

    Dr. Marshall, you comment on Our Lady’s suffering at the cross being greater than the “travail” of delivery and I of course agree but I had a reflection during the Crucifixion meditation one day that Our Lady’s perfect piety and justice would cause her more pain than her maternity. Seeing her God being hung naked on a cross must surely have been more earth shattering for her than a martyred son, no matter how innocent. Other mothers suffered seeing their children martyred and had the consolation of pride at their choice, but Mary alone also witnessed the death of God.

  3. Matty
    Matty says:

    It’s all symbolic, like a hologram. It applies to all times, not just to the Roman Empire and (for example with the no of the beast to Nero). Look no tonly in history, also look NOW: Who is the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns now? Who is the whore of babylon NOW? ONce you see it, it is brilliantly obvious.

  4. Megan M
    Megan M says:

    I just finished #5 on this page. Wow. I am thinking of our current pontificate and this past year (2019) ‘running after the nations’. This Revelation study is easy to understand the way you present it. I am recommending this (in your podcasts) to many friends. Thank you!

    • Megan M
      Megan M says:

      Let me clarify what I just said, I was referencing the mark of the Beast you explain at focusing on political matters and mark of the Lamb focusing on Spiritual matters. Also how we can commit spiritual adultery against God by putting our trust in governments over God. I was thinking mostly of Chinese Catholics recently being handed over to the Chinese Government and Pachamama. 😳 two examples of not believing/doing the spiritually faithful thing but doing something “politically Correct”.

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