Quiz on Answer Protestants

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  1. Juan Luis R
    Juan Luis R says:

    I especially loved the last class of this module with the reference I never knew before about the city/town of Cesarean Philippi with Caesar as a God. Many times we read not knowing this details that make all the difference in the understanding of the words. Thanks Dr. Marshal!

  2. Sean M
    Sean M says:

    I used to be a Protestant (just joined the church at Easter) and all my Protestant friends are not even asking why… kind of disappointing. This Information is presented so well and I plan to slowly starts opening the door to these conversations with them. Thank you Dr. Taylor Marshall, NSTI has been instrumental in my conversion. God bless!!

  3. Dan Adams
    Dan Adams says:

    Love these lessons! As a former protestant, being Catholic for less than three years, these lessons help reinforce my decision to enter the Catholic Church and eviscerate many of my life-long objections and misunderstandings of the teachings of the One True Church. Thanks so much!

  4. Michael D
    Michael D says:

    completed the quizz after two videos….now I’ll go back and do the other 4 videos…the quizz had a couple of responses I though were a bit cheezy…questions 3 and 6…it marked one of my answers wrong and then gave my answer at the right answer lol 3 was too subjective and should have stayed with my answer, not the one suggested….too subjective and not in the gospel…

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