Traditional Roman Altars: History and Theology

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How to Set Up Your Missal (Ribbons)

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Parts of the Mass: Ordinary and Propers

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The 3 Kinds of Latin Mass

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Final Exam for LifePrep

Please immediately begin your Final Exam for LifePrep. You have 90 minutes to complete it as soon as you click the first answer to a question. You are not allowed to use notes, books, resources, or the internet during this exam. You are on your honor. If you studied, you’ll do great. You need a 80% to earn your Certificate in Catholic Apologetics.

If you are ready, begin now:

Review Sheet for LifePrep Final Exam

Congratulations! You are almost there. You have watched all the video lessons for LifePrep. We want you to know everything you need for your final exam, so we’ve put together this review sheet. We recommend that you get together with a friend and have them ask you the questions before you take the test. After you feel entirely confident, then take the final exam. Here are a few things that you should know before you begin studying for the final exam:

  • Academic Honesty. The answers to the questions of this exam can be found elsewhere. While you take this exam, you are on your honor as a baptized child of God not to cheat. You are strictly not allowed to use this review sheet, a book, notes, the internet, or any other resource while you take the final exam. You should answer all the questions from memory.
  • You will be limited to 90 minutes.
  • On the Final, you will be expected to have studied the entire Old Testament. Don’t take this test without having read the entire NT.
  • Mastery of Content. The Exam will ask you questions about material covered in the NSTI video lessons. You must pass with 80% or more in order to receive your certificate.
    1. Please watch all the NSTI Certificate video lesson units. Do not try to take this Final Exam without having prepared for it by watching the videos.
    2. Below are sample questions you might find on the final exam. Again, you are not allowed to use this sheet during the exam.
    3. We know that if you have watched the lessons and study with the review sheet, you’ll pass. We can’t wait to award you and certify you!

Please click here to download the NSTI Final Exam Review Sheet:

Battle of Lepanto

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Job: Story of God’s Faithful Servant

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New Roman Rite Lessons Scheduled

The New Saint Thomas Institute is building out the Roman Rite and Latin Mass Curriculum and Certificate over the 2020 calendar year. The units and quizzes for each module in this Certificate will be added at intervals during the year.

In the meantime, please explore our other 8 Certificate Curricula – you can click on any of them and you will be taken to their pages:

1) Certificate in Catholic Philosophy and Thomism (Thomas Aquinas)

2) Certificate in Catholic Theology (includes Christology, Mariology, Sacraments, etc)

3) Certificate in Catholic Apologetics (includes how to answer Atheists, Protestants, Muslims, etc)

4) Certificate in Catholic Church Fathers (from BC 1 till AD 600)

5) Certificate in Medieval Theology and History (from AD 600 till 1500)

6) Certificate in Counter-Reformation and Modern (from AD 1500 till today)

7) Certificate in Catholic New Testament Studies

8) Certificate in Christ in the Old Testament

9) Certificate on Latin Mass and History of Roman Rite

You can skip around but recommend that you choose one Certificate and keep to it until the end.

Quiz for how to Pray in Latin