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Catholic Bible Cheat Sheet and Bible in a Year Plan (NSTI Bonuses)

Here are 2 bonus gifts that you will need as a student at NSTI:

Do you have Protestant friends asking: "Where is that in the Bible?" If so, we have a solution for you: The NSTI Catholic Apologetics Bible "Cheat" Sheet. The New Saint Thomas Institute provides you with a single document outline of where to find all Catholic doctrines within the pages of Sacred Scripture.

Also, we encourage all our NSTI students to read the entire Bible in a Year. We have an easy, bite-sized plan to help you.

Download both pdf documents, print them out, and place them in your Bible:

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Forum Focus 2: How and why is the Bible divinely inspired?

In the Theology Forum, Premium Member Skylar asks: How/why is the Bible divinely inspired?


In conversations with close friends, I often hear my people say, “The Bible is infallible and the word of God.” I have gone most of my adult life believing this statement, and still do. Not because I have been given reason to, just because people I think are honest and good have told me to.

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