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In business to help business

NSTI emphatically believes that speed has no meaning or purpose without reliability. We provide the systems and services that improve your business connectivity.

      Total turnkey LAN/WAN systems development and installation
      Targeted consultation that provides the right tools for the right job.
      Compatible hardware/software solutions with consistency from resource to resource.
      Presistent, complete and absolute customer satisfaction.
      A "plan ahead" trouble-shooting and problem solving state of mind.

NSTI specifically tailors systems for your individual business and industry requirements to
help you grow, using new and off-lease equipment.

      Innovative utilization of new and off-lease equipment, providing the lastest technology
        at a dramatic expense reductions.
      Highly developed partnerships with national resources, including Compaq, IBM, HP, Cisco,
        Citrix, Extreme Networks, etc.
      Seasoned support staff with comprehensive qualifications.

NSTI's technical staff takes pride in providing a perfect fit by combining cutting edge software with appropraite hardware to improvide your bottom line.

      21st century computer room equipment including servers and racks.
      State of the art digital printing and prepress equipment.
      Integrated advanced phone systems.
      Multi-unit workstations.
      Large format equipment.

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